Monday, August 8, 2011

Rooftop in Cincinnati

The same day that my family had come to visit and nearly witnessed the second flood, we also visited downtown Cincinnati...after we had wrung out our towels, changed into dry clothes, and covered every inch of our apartment with wet clothes to air dry.

Kyler had been telling me about the tallest building in Cincinnati since his first week at P&G when they did a city scavenger hunt and the building was one of their destinations. We had tried a few times to get into it, but it was always closed. The weekend my family was in town though, we ran into some luck.

I was fascinated by all the things you could see from this high up. Check out that rooftop pool?

It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's a blimp.

What happened to the Goodyear blimp?

This is the aerial view of Fountain Square. We had just come from a restaurant on the square and passed that fountain.

A Red's game was going on at the time. Too bad this mirrored building obstructed our view.

Here's the Bengal's, let me go ask Kyler what it's called. Paul Brown Stadium. Fortunately, we won't be around Cincinnati during football season. We bleed blue for our Indianapolis Colts!

I love this bridge because it reminds me of New York. Apparently, according to Kyler, this is was the trial bridge before they built the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

See that building straight ahead, with the funny headdress? That is now the tallest building in Cincinnati. The buliding we were on top of was the tallest since...a long time ago. But last fall, they finished construction on this new skyscraper. It's like they just added that weird structure on top so they could be the tallest building.

So that's the 360-degree aerial tour of Cincinnati.

It was blazing hot that day, and so humid from the morning rain. We walked down all 49 flights of stairs took the elevator down to the street and went off to find some ice cream...which is another story for another time.

In other news: Tomorrow is my birthday. If I had been born today, my birthday would've been 8/8/88. What was my mother thinking!

Any blimp stories out there (I know of at least one)? Anyone scared of heights?...maybe I should've asked that before showing you these pictures. Anyone with cool birthdates?


  1. I always thought it was pretty cool that I was born in '57 and graduated in '75. Does that count???

  2. 10/10/86...two tens in there...that's fun right? It was cooler though when I turned 24 because it was on 10/10/ Maybe :) Great post and pics!

  3. What was I thinking .... you were the one who decided to come on the 9th. I would've been good with you being born a day earlier. It was a very hot, hot summer! As for heights, no way would your Grandpa Morton have gone up with us to look over the city. AND if he crossed that bridge, everyone better get out of his way. Great pictures! HAPPY Birthday. LOVE YOU