Monday, September 12, 2011

A Drizzly Day in Pittsburgh

While Saturday in Pittsburgh was scorching hot (109 to be exact), the next day was drizzly and headed down to Monday's high of 65. Before we left, we checked out the weather and had decided to do all of our outdoor walking on Saturday, and we saved the indoor activities for Sunday.

I chose our first stop (after Dunkin Donuts) to be the Henry Clay Frick Museum.

The daughter had a huge art collection housed in this building, along with the PAN collection currently on display. Interesting but not amazing.

Our favorite part of the Henry Clay Frick Estate was the carriage house. We weren't allowed to take pictures but there were multiple models of the family's carriages, and we had a volunteer guide us through the carriage house explaining why the family chose each carriage.

A little walk down from the carriage house was a small cafe, fully stocked by herbs from its very own green house.

And this is what I get when I ask for a picture.

Here is a building on the estate, but I'm not exactly sure what it was...besides gorgeous.

We could've taken guided tours of the family's actual home (which is what I really wanted to do) but we didn't realize it was $12/person until we got there. So we shot this half-exposed picture of the home.

Completely fed up with the rain ready to check out other attractions in town, we headed to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Kyler was all about this museum. Although we saw some pretty awesome gemstones and dinosaur fossils, we're abiding by the rules and not posting them online. Bummer for you guys, but next time we see ya, we'll be sure to share our photos. Those dinos were amazing.

So we headed back to the hotel for the evening, and packed our things to head out the next morning. In the lobby, though, was this cute old-fashioned telephone. I just wanted a picture of it, but Kyler picked up the phone and had shoved it up to my ear just in time to hear the lady at the front desk asking if I needed assistance. So...I hung up on her. And photographed the phone.

And now I want a vintage telephone. And camera. And buffet......I like antiques. What can I say? Grandma Faye took me to one too many flea markets, I guess.

This was my best attempt to get a photo of us both. Fail.

Oh, and we had chinese food that night at the classiest chinese restaurant either one of us had ever been to.

Although it's difficult to see, you may notice another one of Kyler's "spills". I can't take this boy anywhere! And I'm definitely not taking his picture anymore. I'm done with the blank stares hehe.

Monday morning, we woke up early (you know, because when you have the option to sleep in, your body won't let you) and headed home. Pittsburgh was our perfect three-day weekend trip. Two days was the perfect amount of time to explore the city, and the extra day to travel and relax at home allowed us to catch our breaths before heading into another busy week of work and school.

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  1. I enjoyed "touring" the sights with you! And Kyler ought to be used to having his picture taken by now...give her a smile, son! Love you!