Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Perks of Work

Kyler interned for Procter & Gamble this summer (in case you hadn't heard).

And one of the perks of his work was all the product he brought home.

He spent the summer in the finance department in the fabric care division. Gain. Tide. Bounce. Era. (He's asleep as I'm writing this on Friday night or I'm sure he could rattle of all the ones I'm forgetting).

I heard about them all summer, and I got to take some on a test drive too. After our move, we finally had a place to consolidate our laundry supply stash. And it's quite the stash!

Besides the Zest bars on the second shelf, this was all loot from Kyler's job. And this was after I'd given my mom a few favors for helping us move. And this doesn't count the Cascade and Joy dish soap that are in the kitchen. I tell you, our house and laundry smells amazing!

Some things wouldn't fit in the cabinet though.

In our old apartment, we had to share laundry facilities with our building. Kyler, especially, was excited that we finally had our own laundry set. Not because he does laundry but because he couldn't wait to install one of our many Bounce bars into the dryer. Verdict: Wonderful. No more forgetting dryer sheets. No more static-clung socks.

Here he is with the over-zealous installation:

Ta Da! No more staticky socks for at least 3 months :)

Now, if only he could work for the Olay finance department. I think I'm getting some wrinkles :(


  1. Unusual...but very useful...perks! I've gotta try the Bounce bar when we get moved.
    Love you both!

  2. you two are hilarious. miss ya!