Monday, September 19, 2011

Katy Perry

Jamie: Hey, my director just gave me Katy Perry tickets for next next Wednesday night. Would you like to go or is that too far past your bedtime? :-) Plus I don't even know if you like Katy Perry...

Me: Oh my flippin gosh! I would love to! And yes it is past my bedtime. Though kyler might be a bigger katy perrfy fan than me...for real!
Jamie: Ask him if he'd like to go. Kyle said if Kyler goes, he will too.
Me: Kyler said he would love to go. This was his response: Can we party like Last Friday Night. It would be Exteraterrestrial. You made my Teenage Dream come true. Will there be California Girls there? Will it be Hot & Cold? Can I Kiss a Girl and Like it?

And that was that.

Opening Act: Janelle Monae?

Waiting for Katy Perry. Did  I mention the tickets were for the Mayor's Suite. It was awesome!

The show begins with a little (creepy) story.

And then Katy Perry finally comes on stage.

Always clad in interesting clothing.

She's quite the entertainer.

Set changes. You know, hanging meat from the rafters is normal.

There were cool light shows.

There were laser shows.

There were acrobats.

There were surprise lifts.

Sparkly outfits in mid-air.

There was a huge crowd, made up of all ages. And apparently everyone got the message to wear their orange flashing sunglasses besides me. Luckily, it wasn't too sunny inside ;)

There were trap doors.

There was a flying cloud of cotton candy.

Here she is really close to us.

During 'Hot & Cold' she ran in and out of different changing stations and sported probably 20 outfits during that one song.

Same song. Different dress.

Then she invited fans on stage. First she asked an "Indiana Boy" to come visit her. The first guy, when she asked how old he was, she responded "17!? You want me to go to jail!??

More candy-themed dresses.

The show ended with fireworks.

Of course, while she was singing my favorite song  "Firework"

Then she came out for an a veryinteresting outfit.

And then the whole thing ended while she doused her front-row guests with a huge squirt gun.

Thanks Jamie for a great night and the awesome tickets!


  1. GREAT photos, Kara...although it's not really my type of concert, it looks pretty cool. I describe her as a Lady Gaga-wannabe....

  2. wow...she's crazy! that looks like quite the show. i'm sure kyler wanted to go probably more than you.