Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mt. Washington, Pennsylvania

Early Saturday morning, we hit the road for Pittsburgh. Why did we go to Pittsburgh, you ask? Because we can. Because we're married now and can make plans with no one knowing until after the fact. Tee hee. Newlyweds.

Obviously I was a great travel buddy. I lay perfectly quiet like this for about six hours. I don't know what more you would want.

We left Columbus around 3:30 am, so Kyler snapped this picture of the sunrise. Needless to say, I missed it.

Although the morning was extremely foggy, I tried to capture the scene upon entering Pittsburgh. There were a tons of bridges.

Our first stop of the day was Mt. Washington. It was a ritzy little neighborhood, nestled high into the hills and overlooking the entire city.

There were some cute little overlooks. I snapped this picture just for Kristoffer, since I now know how much he likes heights.

The view of the city wasn't so impressive since it was still laden with fog...

But we were able to point out major attractions, like Heinz Stadium where the Steelers play. Gross.

Along the lookout walks, the streets were lined with gorgeous homes. I pointed out a few that I wouldn't mind living in.

This one was just finishing up construction. I love the arched doorways and carpenter-style doors  - both garage and entryway. And in the upstairs window, we could see a gigantic chandelier. I want one.

This was an old home that has obviously been restored, painted brick and such. But it had the best landscaping, no doubt.

This one in the middle may have been my favorite. Modest in size. Full of character. Lots of texture mixed in the different exterior choices. Maybe too many bushes to trim though.

Though not very big, this town even had its own library...where they kindly let us use their bathroom.

Another old  building, back from the mining days.

Ok, the library was old, but probably not old enough to be from the 1700s.

We didn't spend too much time on Mt. Washington, but we did get a nice view of the city and could pick out a few places of interest to visit during the rest of our trip.

And we'll share more about those places later...

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