Tuesday, September 6, 2011

We're Back...

...from our blogging break and from our weekend getaway to Pittsburgh!
My, my, my! So much has happened that I don't even know where to begin! I guess I'll start with the most exciting (for me anway)!

We got a new car!

This is Sally.

I like to say things like, "Atta girl, Sally," when we climb a big hill.

Or,  "Ride, Sally, ride," when we're cruising along the interstate.

Or, "Mustang Sally!" when  Kyler's driving and the cruise kicks it up a notch and the motor revs.

And when we get into the car, I like to tell her how nice she looks. And I'll say to Kyler, "Kyler, isn't she beautiful?"
It's a little silly, I know, but sometimes we just get tickled about the fact that we had to give our car a nickname before we could finish registering the car. Now THAT'S silly.

We'd been looking at cars for a long time. My old, '96 Grand Am was having problems starting in the mornings, and Mom wasn't happy when it took us about five minutes to get it running the morning of our move. Dad called the next day and after talking to Jeff the mechanic, the problem was the fuel pump/valve/something and usually only lasted about 2 weeks. Oh, this problem had been going on for about a month.

So the next day, this little lady joined our household: Sally, our 2012 Ford Fusion.

 She's a natural Gray Grey. And we broke her in this weekend, with our trip to Pittsburgh. Such a comfy new ride!


  1. Very nice!!! I had a good friend named Sally in high school....

  2. Good for you guys. That will last you another 15 years!

  3. Mom was just worried about you. Glad you could get a new car ... VERY nice!