Friday, October 28, 2011

Family Traditions

One of the coolest parts about our first year of marriage has been sharing our holiday celebrations with one another. Fourth of July cookouts.  Carving pumpkins for Halloween. Obviously since being married in June, we haven't run across any major holidays. But as the big holidays are approaching, we're excited to be officially celebrating them together. And we're trying to add in a few of our own new traditions. We'll see if this one lasts.

(Ignore the tags on the new placemats. I'm letting them sit on the table for the weekend to make sure I'm sold on them before I take the tags off. And no, we're not using them)

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I wanted to do something special to remind us what the holiday is really all about. Although I do enjoy thinking it's about food and football, I wanted to make sure we took time to think about what we're really celebrating.

So I decided that I wanted us to daily write down something that we're thankful for. So, we picked up this branch during our late night walk around Mill Park,  put it in a Ball jar my Grandpa James gave me, and filled it with the acorns that used to be on my shelf above the tv. Then I cut little squares out of fall scrapbook paper, hole-punched their corners, and looped some string through it.

Each night up til Thanksgiving, we'll write something we're thankful for and hang it on our 'tree'. And on Thanksgiving, we'll be able to read what each other wrote. I'm so excited!

And surprisingly, Kyler's been  going along with it pretty well. He just thinks we have the order wrong by putting leaves on the tree as time progresses instead of taking leaves down as the days go by. Oh well. Hopefully this is one of those things that we love enough to repeat every year. Because I  can't wait to start our own family traditions.


  1. What a neat idea, Kara...and pretty too! It's fun to start your very OWN traditions for your family. Love you both!

  2. that is a fun idea. if you want to write in "absentee" for anique and i, we'd like to say we're thankful for family health and the creation of shredded cheese. (one serious, the other super serious)

    love you guys, kam and anique