Monday, November 7, 2011

Operation Christmas Child

Many of you probably heard the story of when I told Kyler I wanted to adopt a child for Christmas at midnight on a drive home. And he was a little sleepy and delierious and thought I actually wanted to adopt a real child. Well, I didn't only convince him to adopt one child but two to support for Christmas.

Our church is supporting Operation Christmas Child. So this weekend we took to the aisles of Wal-Mart to pack our children's shoeboxes. Kyler and I were both buying for the ages 5-9, one boy and one girl. After following some suggestions from an OCC pamphlet, we came home with a pretty good spread for each.




I was pretty impressed with all we got for them and that it all fit in shoeboxes/shoebox tupperwares.

Next, we wrote them each a letter to explain who we are and why they're receiving this package. I told my little girl how much I loved Polly Pockets as a child.

And explained that we're celebrating Christmas here in the United States, the day that God's Son Jesus was born on Earth.

After paying our shipping donation online, including a photo of us, and taping the tracking label onto our boxes, we were almost finished.

One of the most emphasized steps came at the end when we prayed over the boxes for the children receiving them, the volunteers distributing them, and the lives that could be changed because the Word of Jesus is spreading all over the globe.

We definitely had a fun time shopping and cramming organizing all those tiny gifts into those boxes, but it is our hope that those tiny gifts lead to those children coming to know Jesus.


  1. Some little boy and girl somewhere in the world is going to be all smiles when they open those boxes! So proud of you!!! Love you too!

  2. Zach and I did the same thing last week and had fun shopping for the two kids! So glad you are supporting this great cause as well. Can't wait to see you guys over Thanksgiving!