Monday, December 12, 2011

IU Celebration...Columbus style

Words cannot express how badly I wanted to be in Bloomington Saturday night. Kyler and I had tried to buy some student tickets weeks ago, probably back when we were 4-0. Kyler got an email last week from a girl selling two tickets saying she only had one left, and she would accept no less than $200 for it.

So that put a damper on our hopes for being present at the game, and we watched the game from home on the latest addition to our home, Leif, with our newly subcribed-to HD. And what a game it was!

We jumped and cheered and screamed and probably disturbed everyone within a 12 -mile radius from our Columbus apartment when Watford hit that game-winning three. And then I asked Kyler if we could go to Bloomington. And for a split second I thought he was game. But then he got all practical and said we'd spend 2 hours alone just driving and ................wah wah wah. We didn't go. So he took us out to celebrate in town. Only as Hoosiers know how to celebrate.

With Cold Stone ice cream. I mean, I bet by the time we would have gotten to Bloomington, all the beer ice cream would've been gone.

After our unranked Hoosiers upset #1 Kentucky, we couldn't just go to DQ or Culver's. It had to be top-o-the-line Cold Stone.

And after that, we got really crazy and hit up the McDonald's drive-thru.

Cheers in the car.

And as if the night couldn't get any more livlier, I had the genius idea of driving around the countryside to look for Christmas lights.

And not one to disappoint, Kyler drove us around and around past a few homes with mediocre-at-best decorations. Until we hit up the Columbus airport where there were colored lights lined up for miles. Who cares that they're there year-round lighting up the run way.

And to top it all off, we passed this jet plane on display.

I mean, we would never have seen a jet plane in Bloomington, so our celebration in Columbus was way better than the shenanigans going on on Kirkwood.

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  1. Wish you'd been here with us...there sure was a whole lot of whooping going on here too!!! What a fun game!