Monday, December 5, 2011

Our First Nativity Scene

This is the nativity scene I grew up with. I think my Grandma Faye actually made it and my Grandpa James built the stable. I could be making the stable part up, but my grandma used to paint and fire ceramics in her home, so I'm pretty sure that part is true. There's just something so peaceful about this nativity scene. All white. Large figures. Camels. Every good nativity scene needs a camel.

And since Kyler and I have started our own family and our own Christmas traditions, I've been pining after a nativity scene. A nice one. Nothing that Target or Wal-Mart could satisfy. I have told Kyler all about the Willow Tree nativity scene. I've told him over and over again how I wished I had registered for it for our wedding. We even stopped in at Hallmark over the weekend to look at it again. I was secretly hoping it was on sale, but we left the store without it.

And when we visited our families on Sunday, wouldn't you know, we received part of our Christmas presents early...

...because it's only appropriate to set it out before Christmas. Even though this is just the starting pieces of what is a very large collection, I was thrilled to receive this lovely gift. We got home Sunday night about the time that we usually go to bed, but I couldn't help setting it up before going to sleep.

And now I have a nativity scene of my own. The abbreviated version with the hope of receiving the rest in future years. But even if nothing else ever accumulates, all I really need is there. The stable. The star. And my Savior.

P.S. I was pretty sure that Willow Tree did not include a camel in its nativity set. But I just googled and found this:

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  1. Glad you found a special place for it. Love you guys!