Friday, December 16, 2011

Old/New Pillow

A looooooooong time ago, when we lived in Harrison, I bought some fabric at our going-out-of-business JoAnn's. The old throw pillows I had in college didn't go with our new bedding, and I was going to make covers for them. And then I ran out of time because it was summer, and we couldn't stay inside sewing away all that warmth.

So during our first cold spell of the fall, I broke out the sewing machine and that fabric to cover my old pillows.

Only the fabric was cut so crooked that I couldn't cover the front of the pillow in one fabric and the back in the other. I was not happy at all, that I'd been sitting on this fabric all summer and fall only to find it useless.

Furious, I put all my things away...until this weekend when I decided that I just had to make something work. I had already spent the money, and by-golly I would have pillow cover by the end of the night.

Not exactly what I had in mind. The striped fabric has a few colors that don't really go with my decor but at that point I was just working with what I had.

This was the easiest pillow case ever. It's just an envelope, so that top flap is tucked into the bottom fabric. No hand sewing necessary when I flipped in rightside out.

I really love that paisley and wanted it to be the entire front cover, but this will do for now. As far as I'm concerned, my eyes are closed when I use it, so I can't see it up close anyway.

This is our teal bedspread in the most awful 'indoor at-night light' setting. The paisley would've gone with my bedspread much better. That dark hunter green and olive color doesn't really match the gray sheets, but I still like it. And I'm so glad I was finally able to use of that fabric.

Here's the new pillow beside my old bird pillow. And yes, it's staying. I love that bird pillow.

So a word to the wise, when a 17-year-old girl is pulled off the cash register to cut your fabric at a going-out-of-business fabric shop, order a little extra than you think you may need. Just in case.
The pillow may not live up to my expectations, but it sure felt good to break out the sewing machine for an evening.


  1. I really enjoy reading about your crafty projects Kara! You're inspiring me to break out my sewing machine and see what I can dream up.

  2. Very resourceful, Kara! And cute too! Can't wait to see you two for Christmas!!! Love you.