Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to December

Catchy title, anyone? Any Taylor Swift fans reading?...Anyways.

A couple of weeks before Christmas we received a package from P&G. So totally sweet of them, considering Kyler hasn't even started there yet. (Only 121 days until he does start...not that we're counting).

He was so excited.

Just a little trouble getting in there though.

I'm not sure what'd going on. A little batman action?

A nice letter from the company. You know how much those Grays love their Christmas letters.

Some type of tasty treat. They were gone before I got home from work the next day.

Kyler said this was my half of the gift. Calorie & Fat Content book for restaurants. Thanks Kyler.

I like this piece a little better. A beautiful white platter with a wintery scene of an old Cincinnati street, of course featuring a soap building.

And of course lots of product samples. Who knew toothbrushes and deodorant would be such an exciting Christmas gift! Very much appreciated though, and definitely put to great use already.

It was definitely a nice kick-off to the season of gifts leading up to the day celebrating the Best Gift of All!

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  1. Wow! Once Kyler actually starts working there, I hope the gifts'll never have to buy another toiletry or cleaning item again. Have a great week! Love you.