Monday, April 30, 2012

We're Homeowners!

Last Friday, I took the day off work so Kyler and I could go buy a house! Everything went flawlessly aside from some rush hour Cincinnati traffic, and we got to meet the previous homeowner at our closing. She was super nice and very helpful with all of our questions. And even she didn't know how to work the thermostat after living there for a while.

Some pictures of our new humble though empty abode.

Our living room. Excuse the mess, we were getting our cable installed.

Connected to the living room on the right of the above photo, our kitchen.

One thing we immediately loved about this house was the openness of it all.

Bedroom #1. We hope to make this the guest room. It's a little bigger than the other spare bedroom.

Bedroom #2. We're setting up an office/craft room in here. Wasn't this house just meant for me? It already had a yellow room :)

For the most part, our house is pretty secluded by a woods, but here's the only window from which you can see our neighbors. We're thinking that most of the year, we'll barely even see them because of the trees. This is actually the previous homeowner's parents house. So when we can't figure out how to turn off the porch light, ahem, we could just go next door and ask. In the meantime, our porch has the light on for ya :)

The guest bath. With an awful yellow tone due to the small space. It's actually very taupe-y in there.

You can see the open staircase that leads from the living room to the basement...

And another feature that we loved about the house was this half finished basement that's still pretty big.

Down there on the end is the half bath, and behind that long wall is the rest of the basement. It's unfinished but has the potential to be finished some day. But we're just happy for the extra storage and easy access to all of our major appliances and electrical bizness.

It might not be pretty to you, but to me it says, "I'll store all of your goodies without making you dread carrying boxes down an attic ladder at Christmastime." I remember my dad loving the basement, but I'm not sure which side (finished or unfinished) he loved more. I know he hated climbing into the attic too.

And also, the basement has a walk-out deck that overlooks the other half of our wooded property.

This is the basement deck, mostly covered by the deck that walks out from our living room. Kyler's excited to get some lawn chairs for these decks. In fact, we've already been lawn chair shopping twice. I never in my mind thought we'd have to go lawn chair shopping.

And then here's our bedroom, included with an air mattress bed.

To the left of the bed is another french door accessing the upstairs deck, and to the right is the bathroom. I didn't photograph it, but it's a nice sized bathroom.

And that concludes the digital tour of our new house. We're so excited to move in!

We actually spent Friday night in the house so that Saturday morning all of the cable and internet and stuff could be set up. What a memorable first was freezing cold when we first arrived on Friday, but the thermostat had been set on 62. It was a very tricky thermostat, but I upped it to 70 and went off to bed. Kyler woke up at about 3 in the morning claiming his face was cold. Apparently you can set each day and night with a different temperature. So I'd set Friday night to 70, but I'd failed to reset Saturday morning. So it was back down to 62 in the house. Freezing! Guess that's just the fun of having a new house!

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  1. your home looks beautiful. we can't wait to come visit after things get situated!