Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Painting and Painting and Painting Some More

My brother and I closed on our new homes within 10 days of each other. We couldn't have planned it any closer if we'd tried. Kyle and Jamie began building their new home in October 2011. And Kyler and I decided to just look and see if we could find anything the first week of March. Who knew that the last two weeks of April would be when we both closed! Crazy timing.

My brother was actually supposed to close mid-March but not everything went as planned. Orginially, they'd opted to paint some rooms themselves to save some money. Something I would do, especially because they'd have until the end of April to move in, but after all the delays, they had about a week to get everything painted and moved in. And Jamie had to work the last two weekends of April.

So since I'm the awesome sister that I am, I volunteered myself and Kyler to help my brother paint. If you know Kyler, he wanted to know how long it'd take, and I promised no longer than 4 hours. ha. ha. ha.

Empty, blank-walled living room...

...connected to the kitchen.

And now it's all blue!

We painted three walls downstairs, but they were very large walls! And in my mind, the long wall that spanned the living room and kitchen could be considered two walls.

But we weren't done there. We headed upstairs to paint the master bedroom and bathroom.

My humor :) More than once I called Kyle Kyler and vice versa. If I'd known how close we'd come to running out of paint in that room, I probably wouldn't have written this note.

Kyle and Jamie already had everything nicely taped off, so we made quick work. But there was lots of work.

My brother painting in the bathroom. Sometimes you gotta get crafty...

After about 7 hours, I think, we finished the bedroom and the first coat in the bathroom. The bedroom is this lovely gray color. Defintely something I would've chosen myself.

And it was nighttime when we left.

We were all so sick of painting at that point. And hungry too. We decided to stop at just one coat in the green bathroom...

My dad had come to switch out his and Kyle's trucks after work, just in time for us to clean up our mess. And he took us out to eat, just to thank us for not asking him to help paint.

And no I didn't paint in those clothes. I wouldn't dare post the outfit I sported during our great paint extravaganza. Kyle and Jamie were both very grateful for the help, and we were very glad to help them out. But there's some painting to be done in our new house...and the ceilings are much taller ;)

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