Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kyler's 3rd Grade Wisdom

On top of the 6th grade journal were some short 3rd grade entries, with no topics written down:

I am different from my brother because he has white hair and I have blond hair. He likes fried eggs but I like scrambled. I’m in 3rd grade and he’s in 5th. My mom and dad are different because my dad works but my mom stays home. Dad drives in a car and mom drives a van.

The furnace in my house is old. You can hardly light it. Whenever you turn it on it blows out cold air. In the wintertime the only thing keeping us warm is the fireplace. All the other furnaces I know work right.

My mom and dad told me that I was a girl when I was in my mom’s stomach. What he tried to tell me wasn’t true!!

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  1. Funny stuff! It's funny what makes an impression on children and their perspective on things. Yes, that old furnace was a bear...but we survived! :)