Monday, June 11, 2012

Cincinnati Wildlife

We may have a Cincinnati address, but you wouldn't know it by driving up the hills and through the woods to our house. One of the things Kara and I have enjoyed the most since moving here is the wildlife that surrounds our area. We literally see a deer within 3-4 miles of our house every other day while we are driving to/from work. There are also all sorts of rabbits, squirrels, birds, (and moths) in our yard and trees everyday.

Here are a few pictures of our new friends:
Baby Deer (Kara looks for this one everyday out our back window)

Baby Deer's Mother (showed up the very next day - taken from our porch before we scared her away)

Mr. Peter Cottontail (Kara's name for every rabbit)

Still Our State Bird

Mourning Dove

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  1. Love it too! You need to put a salt block out for the deer...maybe they'll be regular visitors.