Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kelli's Graduation

The baby graduated this weekend.

Wasn't she the cutest little toddler?

It sure doesn't seem like she's old enough to graduate high school but she definitely did it anyway.

I love our small town graduations. Each student gets a baby picture and a senior picture. It's a whole lot different than IU's graduation where all the graduates just stand up at once.

A hug from the principal, Mr. Willis.

And the diploma from my parents' long-time friend and school board member, Jay.

And just like that, she's a graduate!

Congrats Kell! I can't wait for you to spend your next few years at IU, and then I know you'll be a great nurse. And then you can take care of me and answer all of my questions :)

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  1. Always good to have a nurse in the family! Congrats to Kelli and I know she'll LOVE IU!!!