Monday, July 23, 2012

Family Time

This entire past weekend was totally a 'God moment'. My mom and I had planned this weekend in advance for my entire family to stay at our house and just have time together before Kelli leaves for college. Little did we know when we put 'Reserved' on this weekend just how badly we were going to need it. Speaking just for Kyler and myself, it was just what the doctor ordered. Everyone knows how hectic life is the week following a week-long vacation is, and ours was especially crazy. So this family's-here-and-they-are-totally-fine-just-lounging-around weekend was exactly what we needed. And God knew that weeks in advance! I love that :)

I already spilled the beans about how we lounged a lot. It was phenomenal. We also ate a lot. I'll regret that tomorrow when I try to fasten my work pants. But we did a lot of other stuff too...

...going to a Red's game. at sunset. overlooking the river. #incredible

When my family would travel to Kentucky when I was younger, sometimes we would stop in Madison, IN along the river to watch the barges [probably to get the crazy kids out of the car!] because that's what my dad enjoys. So we thought it was extra cool when a barge passed by there in the middle of the photo.

All of the kids.

Kyler and me

And my momma [and dad in the background]

It was an awesome game with the Reds winning.

Sunday morning, we woke up and went to church, then ate pizza for lunch. Then we just hung out playing games. Mom, Kelli and Jamie played Dominos...

...while Kyle and Dad dominated Kyler and me in Euchre. After three rounds, Kyler and I didn't even have a cumulative total that could've won a single game. It was pitiful! So we called it a day in Euchre, and I put the guys to work.

The saga of how we couldn't figure out how to add a leaf to the table finally came to an end. With an engineer and a handyman on site, I told the boys that they needed to figure out how to add the extra leaf.

We flipped it over...

...inspected the assembly...

...crawled under the table once it was flipped back over...

[how many grown men does it take to pull apart a table?]

And success!

After all the work, I couldn't tell them to undo it all, so for now we have an extra long table hanging out in our dining know, now that our company is gone and we ate on the couch all weekend.

All in all, it was a great weekend with family! 

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  1. That table's been worrying me...
    Glad you had a nice weekend with the Morton gang!! I'm still in shock over Kelli's hair...
    Love you all!