Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our 4th of July

Like most corporate people with a random holiday in the week, Kyler and I woke up Wednesday morning not really knowing what to do with our day off...besides sleep in. After a breakfast of cinnamon rolls and a couple hours of Cake Boss while creating decorations for someone's baby shower, Kyler decided that we should paint the bathrooms. Right now.

We literally went from still sitting around in our pajamas and lounging on the couch to springing into the car with paint chips in hand. If Kyler offers to help me paint, no way am I going to pass up on that.

The first thing everyone says when they walk into the house is that they like or love the paint colors. Yes, we could've gotten sooooooooo much worse. I would even really love someone else's house. I'm just more of a blue/green/gray person and not so much a brown/red/tan person.

So in 6 hours, barely leaving enough time for a shower and drive to town before the fireworks, we painted two of our bathrooms.

The tan guest bath before...

...and the most subtle-looking after ever. I promise, it was a bigger difference than these pictures show. The room is so tiny that the light in there makes everything blown out.

And the same room from the door-view, before:

And after:

Hi there!

And then there was our master bath that I was.this.close to painting a different shade of tan but am I went with the same gray. It really cleaned things up in there. So serene to me now!


And after:

And again, a before (Yes, I listen to pandora on the iPad while getting ready in the mornings):

And after:

And this guy, I didn't get a before of, but I think you know what he looked like. Here's his after though:

I guess we know he'll still look good as he starts to go gray. A Gray going gray. haha.

And for those of you who couldn't care less about our paint colors, take a look at the colors flying through the sky that night. Kyler mentioned on our way to the fireworks that this was our only tradition. We went to the same firework show last year after being married only a month. So I guess since we've been married for more than a year, we can start making traditions.

These weren't even in our town. We actually drove 30 minutes away for the show, but they know how to put on a show. It was like an hour of New Castle's grand finale. I'm not even kidding, best fireworks ever!

And one more...

Hope you all had a happy Independence Day!

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  1. I happen to LOVE the crate towel shelves!!! I don't remember seeing those...very clever and different!