Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our First Overnight Guests

A couple of weekends ago, we hosted our first overnight guests in the new house. Kristoffer, Dana, and the boys came Saturday afternoon to spend the weekend with us. After taking the house tour and failing at getting Kaden to continue the nap that he began in the van, we put the big boys to work.

We wanted to add the extra leaf to our table (something we have never done since buying it), but we couldn't get the table apart. I had tried to help Kyler earlier that morning, and he claimed that I just wasn't strong enough. So either Kristoffer is as puny as I am or something's wrong with our table.

Onto the next afternoon activity...

The Reds Game. Only the boys went. Dana and I had much more important matters to tend to such as getting pedicures and buying new lamp shades, pillows, and extension cords. Life's necessities...

But Kyler took our camera and captured these photos of their time in the Great American Ballpark. Allow me to narrate the part of the day that I was not a a part of...

Naps all around. Doesn't it look like Kristoffer is dozing off? I think in reality Karter was getting sleepy and Kristoffer was thoroughly enthused throughout the game. Did you know it was Hall of Fame induction night? Or something like that?

The Kade-man. Look at that drool drip.

Running the bases...

...around the kiddie park.

Good form. Kyler and I got Karter that outfit for his birthday. They may have been his first mesh-type shorts, not sure about that. But at supper, we sat in a booth and he thought it was so funny that he could slide off the slick seat because his shorts were soft.

The cutest little baseball head I've ever seen!

Doesn't it look like Kaden's sleeping?

All in all, I think everyone had a pretty good day in Cincinnati! And we heard that the little boys behaved incredibly well despite one minor meltdown involving a beheaded bobblehead.


  1. Did you check underneath the table to see if there's a lock? Ours has a lock to keep it together and we have to unlock it when we add leaves. Just a thought... (I'm sure you've already checked). Cute photos of some cute boys and great narration from someone who wasn't actually there... :) See you in 3 days!!! Love you!

  2. Thanks for having us...we had a great time!!