Monday, September 10, 2012

A Master Makeover

I last left you with this photo

of me in all my paint-clothes glory.

Actually, when I wrote that post, most of the hard work was done and the room was painted but I was holding out because I wanted it to be more 'finished'.

So let me show you some of our before pictures...

I love everything gray, and most things blue, green, and teal. I love this comforter for it's color and texture, but it's lumpy and just isn't the easiest thing to work with, especially when you wake up at night with it half falling off the bed and you try to use your middle-of-the-night arm strength to pull it back on top. It is heavy! The biggest problem of all though was the wall color. It was flesh tone. Almost pinkish but definitely tan and just blah.

When we first moved in, we bought new furniture, so that was definitely staying. But we just didn't have much of anything on the walls.

So here were my goals for this room:

1) New wall color. Goodbye flesh tone.
2) Something pretty to hang above the bed.
3) Possibly a new comforter.
4) Get a bed frame. (I'm totally into the wrought-iron-esque frames!)

So without further adieu, here's our new Master bedroom!

A long time ago, I found that awesome 3-piece painting at Kohl's for an arm and a leg. Fast forward a few months later and I found it on the 75% off shelf at Kohl's while shopping with my mom last weekend. So that painting kind of got the wheels turning since it was now affordable.

The wall color is a brownish-gray that I picked straight out of the painting.

And I bought a couple of clearance candles for our dresser. We used to have a TV there but it was much too small for our room, and we gave it to Kelli for college.

The last piece of our puzzle was the new comforter. I knew I wanted white after we painted the walls such a dark color. But we couldn't find an affordable one. Bummer. So we dealt with this gorgeous room and a ill-fitting comforter for a week. Until Friday night when we stopped at Kohl's just to see if the one we'd been eyeing was on sale. Score 50% off!!

And this is my new view from the bed :)

We're holding off on the new bed frame. Or at least waiting until money grows on trees. And...

we still have that tray ceiling to paint. That sounds like an awful job so we're just ignoring it for now.

This is all we see when we walk into the room...

Other things to do in here:

New bed skirt (or nix the bed skirt altogether when we get a frame)
Lamps. These are new so we'll probably put them in the guest room when we find something for in here.
Gray pillows. I think we need more throw pillows. Always :)
Window treatments. Current curtains are from the previous homeowner. I'm going to try to make some!
More wall decor. I want a gallery of frames on the wall between our closet and bathroom doors.

But for the most part, the big changes are finished, and I'm thrilled!!


  1. And we know YELLOW is your favorite color... Looks nice!