Friday, September 7, 2012

Labor Day Weekend: Day 2 & Day 3

We spent Sunday with the majority of our readers, I do suppose. So I won't go into great detail (mostly because I didn't take any pictures), but we spent Sunday night at an impromptu-we-RSVP'd-last-minute cookout/in at Kyler's parents' house. It was a grand 'ol time. The little boys kept us entertained while the grown ups sat around chatting it up on the side porch. (Did I just refer to myself as a grown up?)

So let's fast forward to Day 3, shall we?

Note from the author: There are far too many words and not enough pictures in this post. If you'd like to skip the most boring, detail-laden story of one single day, then scroll to the bottom to find out how the day ends. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Because I have minimal pictures and what I'm about to share is still a work-in-process, I will give you the full-on thought process of how things get done around here. And I'm about to disclose how late I slept in on Monday, so I'd appreciate no comments on that topic :) thank you

Kyler came in to check on me around 9:45 am Monday morning...probably to see if I was still breathing. I can't remember the last time I slept past 9. College?

I roll out of bed at 10. Kyler immediately starts up a conversation in which I'm half-participating due to my recent rolling out of bed. He wants to know what I want to do that day. I say eat breakfast. He suggests putting in a garbage disposal.

He has my full attention, and I'm completely on board, ecstatic, psyched, breaking out cheerleading moves. Ah, but wait, he doesn't feel comfortable working with electricity. I agree.

I suggest paint the guest room and buy new bed-dressings, and while we're at it, let's make some art and possibly go shopping for new bedside tables. Despite the laundry list of changes, he was really on board with me for a while. But somewhere he decided that finishing the guest room was the last thing he wanted to do that day. I'm not sure where I lost him.

But he kind of felt in the mood to paint. So I offered up another flesh-toned room to cover: the Master Bedroom. Bingo. We had a winner. But I had 0 things I needed to pull together a bedroom in an afternoon, so I began out-loud brainstorming about all the things I wanted to do in there and where we could get this and that and the other.

So we spent the majority of our day shopping, first stop:  Kohl's #1 where we purchased 2 XL long-sleeve shirts. No, they weren't for the bedroom. They didn't have the painting I wanted. My comforter was not on sale, but Buy 1, Get One for $1 and we only needed one. They were out of the sheets and throw pillows I wanted. So while I was in the Home Decor department sulking at my misfortune, Kyler was shopping for clothes. Something he would've never agreed to do had I asked him if he wanted to go clothes shopping. Funny how things work sometimes.

Next stop: JCPenney. I've always gotten my favorite throw pillows at JCP. Seriously. Always. We looked for comforters there too, which they had on sale but only Twin and King-Sized. And their pillow selection...blah.

Next stop: La Pinata. Our new 'Mexican' place. Seriously, I haven't liked eating Mexican since I moved away from my parents' house. I didn't think there would ever be a replacement for Real Hacienda, but at last we have found it. And it's only 15 minutes away :)

Next stop: Kohl's #2. We walked out with this super awesome painting that I can't wait to show you once it's on the wall and off my floor. We also got 2 pillows (can you guess what color?) And I got a candle. It was on sale, and it was a total impulse buy. Oops.

Next stop: Lowe's. We walk out with painting supplies. Notice the emphasis on supplies. We walked out with 0 cans of paint and approximately 8 paint chips. :) I had to match my paint chips to the painting in the car.

Next stop: Back in to Lowe's. To buy paint. And when we exited, it was raining cats and dogs, and probably all sorts of heavy farm animals. You couldn't see it was so thick. So I sent Kyler to get drenched the car.

Next stop: Home!!

And after all those words, here's the one picture I have for you today. Goodbye flesh tone. Hello gray! Or Seine as the paint card would call it.

We had to take a little break on the bedroom for sleep. And the next night we were cleaning and packing for our great return to Bloomington. So hopefully over the weekend we'll get back at it and have a conclusive photo for ya on Monday...or whenever the next time I get around to blogging is.

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  1. I thought you'd be pooped out after Saturday and Sunday. You two have WAY TOO MUCH ENERGY!!! Glad you shared Sunday with us! Love you both!