Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Labor Day Weekend: Day 1

Sunday night, as we were driving home, I told Kyler that this was one of my favorite weekends ever. And it wasn't even Monday yet!

We kind of made last minute plans with my parents to come visit on Saturday. Actually, we didn't make plans at all. We just wanted them to come visit us, and we'd feed them and provide a place to sleep.

Our day consisted of:


Cornhole / Sweating our butts off.

Water break.

Water break turned football on tv.

Football on tv turned naps on the couch.

Shopping while boys still watched football. (Can I call my father a boy?)


Walk along the river.

[Side note: Dad figured out that those huge poles below have I beams on them. And the dock and restaurant are attached. So when the water rises and falls, the dock and restaurant are lifted up along those beams. I can't imagine the river getting that high!]

Watching boats go by. [Obviously speed boats. All I took a picture of was its wake.]

Walking along the railroad in the middle of a divided road.

Gambling at the casino.


It was a flawless, wonderful good time, and we couldn't have not planned it better.

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