Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's Fall, ya'll.

We're having lots of fun living in this house and seeing what everything looks like as the seasons change. We loved watching all the buds open and leaves cover the trees during the spring. And now that it's fall, we're enjoying a beautiful display of fall foliage in our woods.

A brilliant red tree right outside our master bathroom window.

A variety of colors in our backyard. When we first moved in, I would tell everyone that we lived on a pretty steep hill, so steep that our living room windows were eye level with tree tops. It's the truth though, and now we're enjoying these bright colors just outside our living room windows!

Oh, and there's Prim. She followed me around the yard as I snapped these photos. Hi Kitty!

Of course I would be negligent to point out that my favorite tree is this yellow one. ;)

And this yellow-orangey tree is in our front yard. So we get to see its beautiful leaves every time we pull in the drive!!

Of course, fall isn't just full of pretty leaves. We also got a pretty big wind storm over the weekend and all of our trees dropped some of their limbs and nuts.

And then there are the piles of leaves around here occupying every nook and cranny. Looks like we'll be cleaning out the corners and flower beds pretty soon.

Thanks for taking a yard tour with us!! 

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  1. You do have a beautiful view of trees from your house. Fall is my favorite time of year!