Monday, October 15, 2012

Meeting our twin nieces!!

Because most of our readership is family, you already know that we have twin baby nieces that arrived last Wednesday. And on Thursday, Kyler and I headed to Indiana to check out the newest members of our family!!

So I guess this post might be most-intended for my college roommate Claire. {Hi Claire!}

Kassandra Ellen. She's the cutie with blonde hair and is full of lots of little noises and squeaks.

And here are her big brothers showing her off to Uncle Kyler. Count yourself lucky that Kaden is looking at the camera. Just before this was taken, he was sitting on Kyler's knee, and when I told him to look at the camera, he said, "I can't right now". After he retrieved his car though, he looked up to tell me he got it and I snapped this on him. Got ya, Kado.

Kelsey Evelyn. Isn't that the most precious name!! And that black hair! She's a sleeper and was so content to let me just hold her.

Right before we left, Papaw Kim showed up and somehow got to hold these two all bundled together.

We're totally smitten with these baby girls and can't wait to go visit again!!

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  1. You look like naturals, Kara & Kyler. I see lots of babies in your future!!! Love you!