Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Tree Shopping

I've been planning Christmas at our house for approximately 6 months. When we closed on the house, I told Kyler exactly where I wanted to put our tree. And finally, this past Sunday we were able to put the tree in that corner!!

But back up just a couple of months when I started seriously talking about our Christmas tree. Kyler's family had fake and live trees growing up, but my family was a strict faux pine kind of family. And our tree was always beautiful (and probably less of a hassle) but since Kyler had taken an interest in talking about Christmas trees in September, I agreed to try his idea of a live tree at least once. Don't worry, I picked his mom's brain about everything there is to know about live trees.

Kyler researched this really awesome Christmas Tree Farm about 40 minutes away from our house. The had horse drawn sleigh rides, a gift shop, complimentary hot chocolate, and of course lots of Christmas trees!!

Here's the first field of trees we stumbled upon.

And there was this little area where the workers would take your tree and get it all ready for you to take home.

That machine up there on the left wrapped twine around the tree so it was all bundled and ready for the top of your car. See that tree the guy is lifting to put on the machine? Well below, that same tree is the small, skinny, wrapped one coming out of this side of the machine. Talk about impressive!

Then there was this smaller machine below. They would put a tree in it standing straight up and then it would shake it like crazy to get all the ?? out. Bugs. Leaves. Dead pine needles. Definitely not bugs. I can't bring myself to think that there might be bugs in my tree.

Upon entering the field, we grabbed a saw and a little sled and browsed the selection until we found the one.

Here is our Canaan Fir tree. It's listed as 7-8 feet tall. We weren't sure how we would be able to tell how tall the trees were or how tall would be appropriate in our room, so we used Kyler as a measure. Before we left the house, we determined we could get a tree as tall as he was with his arm straight up. Any taller would be guesswork, although we did have a little wiggle room.

Then I put Kyler to work sawing away.

Then I got curious and got in real close to see how his progress was coming along.

They both look like keepers, eh?

Walking back to the front of the farm. I definitely got the easy end of the deal. Not that he had a lot of hard work.

We dropped our tree off to be debugged and wrapped, then we went inside for hot chocolate.

After warming up and looking around the shop, we went off to pick up our tree. Did I mention we drove Kyler's Cobalt so that we wouldn't scratch the new car. We were definitely the smallest car there, but the tree fit!!

And we finally got it home!!


  1. I wanna see it up and decorated!!! But the shot of the Cobalt with the tree on top is pretty cute...Kyler too! You'll love your real tree!

  2. Looks like a fun time! That is the same kind of tree we got...our house smells amazing!!

  3. very cool, guys! the house and tree look amazing

    -kam and anique