Friday, November 30, 2012

O Christmas Tree

The night before we went to pick out our Christmas tree, I planned out our Christmas decorations. We picked up a bow for a temporary tree topper until we can find something a little classier than those creepy looking angels at Michaels. OMG, they would've scared you.

Also, I got to work on my popcorn garland while watching the Notre Dame game...and Kyler slept.

Okay, he might've stayed awake for the first half of the game and long enough to snap this lovely picture.

After we got the tree home, we wrapped it in 4 strands of LED lights. Oh yes, we're hippie LED people ;)

We had a few silver and red bulbs from our tiny tree last year, and we both had some keepsake ornaments that our moms had given us. P.S. Did I mention that we started a tradition of picking up oraments at least once a year when we travel?

We picked this one up on our Honeymoon in 2011.

And this one in San Antonio during our 2012 Spring Break trip to Alli and Mark's house.

Hopefully we'll go to a cool destination in 2013 to keep this tradition going. But how about some of these keepsakes? Our kindergarten yearbook pictures on blocks (1995-1996).

Or this one from our junior year in high school, 2005.

We love having a mix of old and new on our very first real Christmas tree. So without further adieu, here she is in all her beautifulness!

I have plans to make a real tree skirt, but for now, this piece of burlap covers up that plastic holder.

Lights off.

And taking a relaxing seat with a lovely Christmas view.


  1. Love it!!! You have the perfect spot for the tree...I know that's why you bought the house! :) My favorites are the kindergarten block ornaments...a very nice touch.

  2. It is so CUTE!!! I love seeing decorated Christmas trees :) tis the season.

  3. So pretty! Nicely done. :-)