Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Photo/Story Dump

Alternate Post Titles: The Humpty Dump. Dump Day on Hump Day.


We took a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo last Monday for their annual Festival of Lights. Unfortunately I take horrible photos at night, but I tried to document it anyways. And then...the camera died and I didn't even get to take many awful night photos.

They seriously had every tree, walkway, and building covered in all sorts of lights. This tree was at the entrance with dangly lights that simulated dripping icicles.

We did capture this less than desirable photo of the Nativity. I love that they had this set up in a world taking Christ out of Christmas.

And then we hit up the candy cane forest where the camera died.

Moving right along....

Our little kitty is cleaning things up around the house. Outside of the house to be clear. Last week I saw her chasing a bird before I left for work. And when I came home...

Tiny little gray feathers everywhere. Ok, maybe she's not cleaning up around the house. But she's making sure all the mice, moles, and other pests are taken care of.

And for my last story, I have no pictures.

Friday night, Kyler and I were headed out to the movies. We always take my car, so as I was hopping into the passenger seat, I realized it was full of gloves and the following conversation occurred:

Me: Holy moly! So many gloves! Who needs this many gloves in one place?
Kyler: I don't know. It's not even cold enough for gloves.
Me: Yes it is! Guess how many gloves are in my seat!
Kyler: I don't know.
Me: Five! How ridiculous that I have five gloves over here?
Kyler: How ridiculous that there are only five and not six.

Off to find my missing glove! Have a great Wednesday!!

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  1. Ha, ha! The glove story is, well, just SO KARA!!! Love it! Fun stuff...thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning. Love you both!