Friday, December 14, 2012

Visiting Bloomington

A really long time ago, probably the beginning of November, my boss offered me two tickets to an IU basketball game. We all know how that game ended because we HAVEN'T LOST A GAME!!

But while in Bloomington, I got to meet up with my sister and her roommate :)

I came straight from work, and knowing that I'd have to wear my work clothes to the game, I picked something casual enough to wear in public. What I did not know was that the other team's color was green. So they're showing their dislike for my pants.

Our seats happened to be sitting right across from my sister and her friends. I found them in the zoom lens. Yeah, call me a creeper.

Ok. Now I think I'm all up-to-date, albeit a little late. I'm fully prepared for Christmas and New Year's updates now!!

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