Monday, April 8, 2013


This is our first spring in our home in Cincinnati. Having grown up helping my father with gardening and flowers nearly every weekend we could be outside, I knew that I wanted to try my hand at planting some flowers of my own. So, we bought some tulip bulbs last October and planted them. Having been told several times by my father that "he never had success with tulips", I really wanted ours to come up and bloom this year but didn't have high expectations.

But, in March, I saw several green leaves poking through the ground around our tree. Kara had to put up with my nearly-daily reports on the growth prospects and quantity of our new tulips.

Then, it happened. As I was pulling out of the driveway, it looked like our tulips had been mown over. They were only stubs of their former selves. When I got out of the car, I saw that they had been completely chewed down to a nub. Deer. Our neighbor had warned us, and we had seen their rubbings all over our front trees, but I didn't honestly think they would touch any of our flowers. But they did. Now, we have pretty much given up hope on the chance of any tulip blooms this year, but we are hoping they can put together a recovery  and come back in full swing next year. We won't forget the spray this time.

On the bright side, we were pleasantly surprised with the number of daffodils that are coming up around our house and trees. They are less than a week away from blooming, in my estimation, and we are pumped to have some flowers around our house soon!



  1. Bummer on the tulips....but the daffodils will be beautiful (if the deer don't get even bolder and nibble them off too!)! Welcome Spring!!!

  2. bummer that the deer are nibbling on your flowers. it's nice to see a little kim gray is hidden inside you :-)

    -kam and anique