Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter in Cincinnati

Another exciting first here in Cincinnati, WINTER!

During our first snow before Christmas, we enjoyed a winter wonderland out our back doors.

The barren trees were finally pretty again, all covered in snow.

And of course when we got back home from Christmas at my family's house, Kyler got to put his new snow shovel to use.

Fast forward about a month, and we're getting snow again. I'd say we accumulated at least a couple of inches over the weekend. I think the prettiest sight to see is a bright red cardinal against the white snow.

My mom and dad got Kyler a bird feeder for Christmas, and although we've seen a couple of birds eating from it, it was like all the birds finally found it!

No complaints from me. I love those pretty red birds. And I think it's way cool how we see so many here in Ohio when they're Indiana's state bird. But seeing as how they're Ohio's state bird as well, I guess that makes sense.

And just some cute kitty prints for good measure.


  1. Love the cardinals too! A bright spot against the dreariness of winter. Love you!

  2. I love cardinals! And what beautiful pictures of your home. I really miss the snow now that I'm living in Africa. I just love looking at everyone's pictures!