Tuesday, September 24, 2013

13 Weeks

Well, this past weekend brought on a new season and a new trimester. I think I'm more thrilled about the latter. I don't prefer my weather to get progressively colder. However, I've been told that I have my own internal heater, so this just might be the year I love winter. [I'm skeptical]

We took these photos after church on Sunday, since I was wearing something besides yoga pants and had done my hair. But do you ever look at photos of yourself and think, 'That's not what I look like'? I can tell I'm going to love taking baby bump pictures already. [Sarcasm]

This week Baby is the size of a lemon. We're okay with lemons, but last week the baby was a peach, and we loved calling 'her' Baby Peach, of the MarioKart fame.

I've only heard great things about the second trimester, and so far, you know the past 3 days, have been great aside from some new aches and pains.
Here's my poor attempt of getting a shot looking down. I've got some time to perfect that shot. Most notably, I can still see my feet. That was the point.
New developments:
Strange dreams
I've always been one to dream about what I watch on tv, but these dreams are unexplainable. In the mornings I text Kyler what I dreamt about the night before. The last one went something like this...
Me: [long description of very disturbing dream] And then it ended with us all sitting on the couch, and I was eating a Cadbury egg. I hate Cadbury eggs.
Kyler: Very interesting dream. Any takeaways?
Me: Maybe I should try a Cadbury egg because I might like it?
Strong aversion to cleaning the kitchen
I was most excited that I'd heard the morning sickness and aversion to smells went away with the second trimester. Well the latter did not hold true for me. I cannot even open the dishwasher unless it's to unload the clean dishes. I have to be in the mood [having a moment with a strong stomach] to clean my kitchen. Yes, you can read into that and assume that 99% of the time we have at least some type of dirty pot on the stove or in the sink.
Tearing up at the most normal things
Songs in church. Stories on the morning news. Pretty wedding pictures on Facebook. It' s uncontrollable, and I've just come to accept it. I wasn't an overly emotional person pre-pregnancy so this catches me off guard quite often.
Obsession with nursery décor
I resisted for the first 13 weeks. I had put minimal thought into the nursery, but now I'm obsessed. Since we're not finding out if we're having a boy or girl, I'm having a hard time visualizing 'gender neutral'. That means I spend way too much time online window shopping, browsing Pinterest, etc.
That's about it. We have our next appointment on Thursday, and I've heard they're going to measure my belly. I'm guessing it will be slightly overestimated since I'll be coming from lunch with friends at Pizza King, my most favorite pizza in the entire world. Here's to a healthy, non-food baby!

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  1. You are so cute! And you look so very happy and healthy!!! You're one-third of the way there... :) Love you THREE!!!