Tuesday, October 1, 2013

14 weeks

I don't have much to share with you this week. Aside from this awful photo...we need to work on my photographer's skills.

It's really hard to tell from the photo (because HELLO, someone has their hands in front) but there is a budding bump up there. My jeans are getting kind of snug. I see a shopping trip in my future!
I went to the doctor last Thursday and got to hear Baby's heartbeat. It was a strong 150 bpm. So according to wives tales, this babe should be a girl. But I'm not putting any money on it.
On Saturday, I woke up and Kyler suggested we go look at strollers and car seats...you know, just to get an idea of what we'd like. We had fun looking around. It was definitely Kyler's first time looking at baby stuff. While we were in the store, we meandered over to the cribs and other furniture. Unfortunately, I didn't like any of the cribs there. Kyler thought I was being uber picky, but I knew I wasn't crazy. So we hit up a nearby specialty baby furniture store where I fell. in. love. with the most beautiful crib and dresser. And then I nearly died when they quoted me for an arm and a leg and my firstborn child. So I figured that defeated the purpose of the crib in the first place, so we left a little disappointed. We = mostly me. I just stared at the picture on the way home. But alas, my lovely husband did some research and found some very similar looking cribs online for much less, and all hope was restored in humanity. Or at least there was a happy wife at our house again.
That was our eventful Saturday morning and our first time shopping for the babe. With every step along the way (the heartbeat, shopping for baby stuff, outgrowing my pants), the fact that we're going to have a real, human baby is sinking in a little more. No wonder God gave us a 9 month gestational period. It's probably going to take that long for it to really sink in and get prepared.
One more plus: last night our good friends came over for supper and they brought two huge tubs and a bag full of maternity clothes! Score! I guess being the youngest of our friends has its benefits. Everyone is so willing to help out and pass along what their kids have gone through. So sweet. Love my Cincinnati family!

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  1. You are SO cute! I could not agree more that God knew we needed time to get ready to be Moms. I related to that most. Keep up the hard work :)