Monday, November 11, 2013

20 weeks

It's been a busy week around here. I have so many pictures to show you guys....and none of them are of me. Maybe my MIL will have one that she took of Kyler & me when they made a quick visit over the weekend. ;)

Last week we had our 20 week ultrasound. Holy guacamole! That was an amazing experience. Our ultrasound tech went through each little body part and organ and ruled out any high risk health problems. We didn't realize that part of the ultrasound was to rule out issues like spina bifida or clubbed feet or various other issues. Kyler said he should've been a lot more nervous going in had he known that. Instead, we were reassured that we have a healthy baby, and we spent the ride home talking about little fingers and ribs and a full baby bladder :)

Here's our cutie's profile. The hands were up by the ears, and those are feet folded up over the head.

We went in a couple of days after Halloween. Baby didn't get the memo and was still going for scary. Here's our little Skeleton.

Kyler's favorite were the little hands and feet. We couldn't believe there was such detail and we could see all the little bones. I'm having issues loading photos all of a sudden. Hrrrmph! No hands and feet to see today.
Let's see...what else went down this week. Oh yes! The nursery is painted!! Go figure that I waited all day to take photos, and when I actually got around to taking them, the clouds rolled in and the rain came down. So my photos are a little blah.

I looooove that crib! I love how modern it is! And that dresser....that is the heaviest dresser known to mankind. It's weighs 80 pounds! Seriously, I can barely scoot it out from the wall.

The walls are called Aqua Glow. They're a little more green/turquoise-y than the pictures show. It's not baby blue like it looks above. When we were painting, I told Kyler it made me think of mermaids. So, there's that reference for you. Our wall color is whatever you would think of when you think of mermaids. Haha. What was I thinking?

Also, non-baby related updates around the house. I've nearly finished the guest room. Oh yes, the one I started redoing in July. In my defense, I didn't know I was pregnant, and exhaustion was kicking my butt. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. I finally got my thoughts together and made a trip to Ikea to finish the bedding. I just need to hang the curtains and put some (real) frames on the (other) wall (and get rid of the Goodwill pile in the corner) and this room will be donezo.

One last picture for you all. I just couldn't resist. Throughout the day, I'll catch Prim checking in on me through the front door, and it just cracks me up when she peeks in the window. I probably send a picture similar to this to Kyler while he's at work at least once a week. What a funny kitty. I've never seen her standing on her hind legs to get into this position, but Kyler's caught her before when he's pulling into the driveway, and he thinks that's a pretty funny sight!

In other kitty news, last night Kyler went to make sure Prim was in the garage so he could put the door down for the evening. She has a bed right in front of our door, and there she was curled up in bed. And across the garage, there was a raccoon, just munching away on her cat food. He found that the raccoon was not the least bit scared of him. I'm not exactly sure what went down, but judging by what I heard from inside the house, he took a shovel after it and eventually got it out of the garage. Needless to say, I think Prim has met her match. We were pretty impressed when she hunted a squirrel, but apparently raccoons are just too big and not worth the trouble. I still can't believe she just sat there watching that rodent eat her food!

That's it! We enjoyed a nice, relaxing weekend. Saturday morning we did some yard work and started some Christmas shopping. On Sunday, Kyler's parents and Grandpa came for a quick visit. After church we at the most delicious lunch and said goodbye to them, we napped in the afternoon and had a really fun dinner at church to end our Small Group curriculum. It was seriously one of my favorite weekends! So relaxing spent with some of my favorite people!


  1. Yea for a healthy baby!!! So glad everything went great and how about that guest bedroom?...that is really creative and looks so great. Thanks for sharing, I love reading the updates!

  2. Although it was a quick visit, it was really fun and great to see you and join you in church. Everything's looking great! And yes, I will eventually post the cute photo of you guys! Love ya!