Friday, December 6, 2013

Latest Happenings in the Gray Household

What do you say we pretend I haven't been totally slacking on keeping up with these weekly posts? Agreed? Thanks, you guys are the best.

Let's back up and cover what we've missed before we get to the bump shot, which still has to be taken and given the snow storm outside, I'm not getting out of my baggy clothes for that today. Maybe next week? Don't hold me to that. Again, you guys are darling :)

After spending lots of time home with family for Thanksgiving, we moved full steam ahead into Christmas and decorated our house, which of course included a trip to the Christmas tree farm.

Last year I had wanted a nice big tree that reached the ceiling, and then when we brought ours home, it was about a foot short. So this year I decided to go big or go home, and I'm pretty happy with the tree we have!

Although I was pretty skeptical when it was all wrapped just looked so un-substantial.

Sorry about the photo qualities. These are from our phones. But the tree filled out the space nicely.

Here we go. All nice and decorated!

This year, we also have the perfect spot for our cute little Nativity Scene.

What else happened since we last chatted...

Kyler got his CPA!! We're so excited. Perks of living in Ohio, you only have to practice for 1 year instead of the 3 years Indiana requires. After lots of hard work, studying, test taking, and filling out forms and paying fees, we've finally got that certificate in a frame [in the closet].

Not that it's really worth noting, but we finished our first 1000 piece puzzle a couple nights ago. There's something so anticlimactic about finishing a puzzle. You put in all that time, and then when it's done, you just tear it down and put it back in the box.

I was looking for those Christmas tree photos on Kyler's phone and ran across a couple of funny ones from home. I'm not sure what this kid was doing, but it's so Kaden. He was probably trying to make us laugh, which he is oh-so-good at.

Kyler's cousins from Texas were able to come up for Thanksgiving too. All kids loooooove him, and they make it all their personal mission to crawl all over him.

One of Kyler's cousins married a cowboy. Kelsey is into everything these days, and apparently Rob's boots seemed like something she needed to be into, and then she needed to crawl on top of him.

A couple of people have noticed that I've been filling up my Instagram feed lately with the cat...not that that's really new, but they're pictures of her inside. She's still an outdoor cat, but we feel bad not spending as much time with her since the weather is cold. So we bring her in under strict rules that she stays on the pink blanket. On one particular night, I was curled up under the electric blanket at one end of the couch and Kyler stretched out with the cat curled up with him. It was pretty funny though because she kicked and pawed at him until he moved and gave her the whole couch.

This morning, Kyler and I both headed into work knowing that the weather was supposed to get bad mid-afternoon. As soon as I got in the office, everyone there agreed that we'd leave by noon. I texted Kyler and he said that he was doing the same. So about 11:30 our rain turned into a thick, heavy snow. The roads were covered with a thin layer of fresh snow, and we were both headed home before the plows even got out. We both barely made it up our snowy hills. At one point I was afraid I'd start rolling backwards down the hill, but I eventually made it into the garage. Kyler had the same problem and made it to the top of the hill, but he also made it into the ditch. Luckily a Jeep was driving by and was able to pull him out.

After just a couple of hours at home, this 3" blanket of snow was covering our deck with no signs of stopping.

That's all for now. Seriously, I'll try to get back into the routine of taking pictures after church on Sunday when I actually get dressed and do my hair on the same day. This bump is getting big. My latest obsession is wear a pair of Kyler's sweatpants with the waist rolled down. They fit nicely under the bump so none of that cutting-off-my-circulation stuff.


  1. I love the Prim stories along with the Kaden glam shot. Thanks for sharing...I always enjoy your posts!

  2. Your tree is beautiful...I love it's naturalness (is that a word?!)! Fun random shots and updates as well. :) More snow on the way.... Love you guys!