Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Nursery

Remember when I posted about cleaning up the nursery last week? Well, after the cleanup, it was time for some decorating. From the get-go, I had envisioned a shelf above the dresser/changing table to hold pretty things, including two frames my college roommate made. As it would turn out, the exact shelf I had in my head, Ikea happened to carry. So, as Kyler honored all the Presidents on Monday, we took a trip to Ikea and bought said shelf (and a bar of dark chocolate if you must know.)

Wouldn't you know that that simple little shelf would bring a pregnant lady to tears? After a really long day and having to talk Kyler into hanging the shelf at 8pm, I opened the package to find that the needed hardware wasn't included. (Anyone who's ever assembled anything from Ikea knows this is SO unlike them!) Long story short, we dug through our stash of spare screws and had NOTHING that would work. I asked Kyler if I could run to Meijer real fast to grab some washers and when he said no, the tears started. I didn't even mean to cry. It wasn't THAT big of a deal. I guess those pregnancy hormones finally made up for allowing me a pretty emotionally stable 34 weeks. Poor guy. I'm really not sure he knew what to do with me. Most likely because I didn't know what to do with myself. I just kept alternating between saying I didn't mean to cry and I just wanted the nursery finished.

Fast forward to the next night, and the shelf is hung! And a lot of other stuff was put away, thrown away, hung up, folded up, and stashed out of sight :) Just keeping it real.

So there's that cute little shelf that caused so much drama. It has two frames, one holding our little babe's first photo and the other with the alphabet. There's also a piggy bank, a few books, and a cute little toy. And underneath I hung one of the decorations that my SIL Dana made for my gray and yellow baby shower.

On the dresser we have the changing table, a little basket full of diaper-changing necessities, and a modern, geometric lamp that matches the wall color perfectly!

To the right, we hung that adorable giraffe growth chart my Aunt Imogene got for us. Easier said than done hanging up something that's supposed to accurately measure someone standing on the floor :)

I love this little corner. That's the most comfortable chair with great lumbar support, and my knitted pouf that I just had to have! I stinkin love it. Boys don't understand things like poufs, but I finally convinced Kyler that this was part of my vision and that I needed it. And now that it's here, he approves. He's not in love with it like I am, but he approves.

Now I just need to motivate myself to take those curtains down and iron them. Womp womp. Doesn't that sound like a fabulous time?

Here's the other corner: our little babe's bed. I would love to fill that blank spot over the crib, but I'm hesitant to hang anything that could potentially fall into the bed. This time, safety will probably win over design. A cute baby in there will brighten up that corner just fine without anything on the walls.

And that's the whole room from the doorway. I think it's just waiting for a baby. As anxious as I am to get this baby out (yep, I've reached the uncomfortable stage), we keep praying that the baby still grow healthy and strong and stays in there until its due date.


I never have photos of myself because I never think to have Kyler take any when I'm wanting to post. The other day I walked by our closet and caught my reflection in the mirror that was just my silhouette, and I figured I'd snap a picture. It worked out perfectly since I hadn't done my hair or even put my contacts in.

Even though the backlight hides my undone hair, it unfortunately showcases how dirty my mirror is. Note to self: after ironing the curtains, clean the mirror.

And that's the nursery tour. I still have a couple things on my wish list, like a little side table by my chair to hold nursing supplies or a clock or a book. And I want a basket to hold the toys that are currently residing in the dresser. But other than those not-so-urgent things that wouldn't stop us from bringing a baby home, I'm feeling pretty good about the progress we've made in here.


  1. Just ready for a precious newborn to make it perfectly complete! Love it...you have a wonderful knack for decorating!

  2. Can't stop looking at this room...it's perfect! Now all it needs is Baby Gray to get here...so excited!

  3. I know I'm a little behind but it's so beautiful! Bring on the baby :)