Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 33

We're in baby preparation mode over here. We're at 33 weeks, which means I have a month until I'm considered term even though the goal is to make it 7 more weeks. The difference between 32 and 33 weeks is huge, mentally. I've gone from thinking I have 8 weeks left to, oh snap, I could do this in 4 weeks.

On my day off on Thursday, I neglected the entire house and solely focused on the nursery, which had been neglected since before Christmas.

It's still not spotless, but major progress was made. I did lots of baby laundry.

All hung up by sizes.

We were so extremely blessed to get most of everything we needed and wanted from the two showers I had thrown for me. I have just a few things left that I want, which I'm excited to finally go shopping for baby stuff. I'm so glad I resisted the urge to go out and buy every cute baby item early in my pregnancy. If anyone knows me well (um, Claire), they know I hate clutter and excess, so I'm glad we've got the basics covered and a little extra to be convenient.

As if organizing baby clothes wasn't enough to get me so excited about our baby, Kamaron and Anique's baby Krew finally arrived this week (you can see pictures). I was the proud aunt showing off his first picture at work. I told one of the ladies that I'm really excited to meet the little guy, and this was just one more thing that had to happen before it was our turn. I never thought our delivery seemed that close knowing that baby Krew had to come first. It was the easiest box to check off on my to-do list :) I'm sure Anique would disagree on the ease of getting that job done.

This Saturday, we spent the whole day at a birthing class at our hospital. I had never even been to the hospital so that in itself was helpful, especially considering we parked in the wrong garage, took the wrong elevators, and had to trek across the whole building to get where we were going. Now we're old pros and will know what to do when we really need to get where we're going. We had a really good class and even though it lasted from 9-4, it really held our attention and we feel much more prepared now. Not that we couldn't have done it without the class, but now I just feel like I know so much more about what's going on internally. And Kyler thought it was helpful too. (I was worried he'd be bored and give me a hard time about dragging him there.)

One funny thing that happened was they had us bring our pillows and sit on these mats/pretend beds. I was in the middle of the group so naturally our instructor used me to demonstrate, which was totally fine. Except she took my pillow and put it on the ground under my knees. Then she told all the husbands to help us relax by stroking our faces and rubbing our hair. Kyler was behind me, and I could just feel him laughing because 1. I'm very protective of my pillow. I won't even let it touch the floor in our house. 2. I hate having my face touched. 3. I hate being rubbed. It was pretty much my nightmare trifecta in the funniest way possible.

When we introduced ourselves to the group we had to tell what our favorite and least favorite things were about being pregnant, so I thought I'd share here too.

Feeling the baby move
Decorating the nursery
Everyone helping me out
Talking about the baby with Kyler

Least Favorites:
Difficulty breathing
Constantly trying to get situated
People rubbing/touching my belly
Giving up Chipotle
Getting tired more easily

Really, this has been an easy pregnancy. I've all but forgotten about the first 17 weeks of feeling blah. Aside from some minor discomforts and inconveniences, I've come to really enjoy being pregnant. I remember around week 15 telling Kyler how disappointed I was that I wasn't enjoying being pregnant, but we hadn't seen or felt the baby, I wasn't showing yet, and my sickness was so unpredictable that I just hated it. That's totally changed, and I love it! Ask me again in a month when I'm the size of a boat and uncomfortable and just wanting this baby OUT!

Tonight we're on the edge of our seats watching the end of the Indiana vs. Minnesota game. I just had to share one picture of the cat, so I figured tying it in with the Hoosiers would make it more acceptable to some people. Whether we're cheering for good plays or yelling at stupid plays, she gets really startled and hostile. She really couldn't be less interested in the game, but she does like snuggling up with me, especially when her blanket overlaps my heated blanket.


  1. One baby here, one to go!!! We're so excited too...7 weeks isn't long at all! Can't wait to meet our new grandbaby! You two will be fantastic you!

  2. We're excited for you both. Can't wait to meet him / her.