Thursday, May 8, 2014

6 Weeks

Our little man is now six weeks old. The time since we've brought him home has both sped by and crawled at a snail's pace. It's amazing how the days can seemingly never end but when you look back at old photos, you admit that time does fly, just like everyone says it will.

Baby boy is on the tail end of his morning nap so I've gotta make this snappy. I mostly wanted to upload this video of him with the hiccups on the quilt my grandma Faye made for him. I know it's kind of long with just a baby laying on a blanket, but you should definitely stay tuned for a surprise ending.

Let's see...what else is baby Abey up to these days besides dirtying plenty of diapers?

He's full of coos and squeaks and loves to flash him gummy grin at you. He hates clothes shopping but doesn't mind grocery shopping. (So much like his Daddy. He doesn't mind you buying him food but don't think about asking him to look at clothes.)

This week has been rather busy, chaotic, and somewhat overwhelming (at least for me.) Kyler had a number of prior commitments that just happened to fall during the same week this month. Youth group on Sunday, softball on Monday, both of us had a banquet on Tuesday, and a meeting at church on Wednesday. I love staying at home with Abram, but I'm usually ready for a break once Kyler gets home. This week it was just me and the babe in the evenings, and I'm spent. Abram and I did get away for a little while yesterday to visit Daddy at work and have lunch with him. Kyler loved showing off his little man, and all the ladies he works with were so fun, oohing and ahhing over our boy.

We're so looking forward to the next couple of normal days, and this weekend will mark our first time away from the baby as we go to my good friend Rachel's wedding. I've enlisted the babysitting expertise of Grandma and Grandpa Morton. I'm sure all three of them will be in heaven as Kyler and I get a much-needed evening away together.

Well, naptime is over. Have a great day!

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  1. Hahahahaha.

    I almost started laughing out loud at the end of the video.

    Thanks for the Baby Abe-y update!

    - CH