Sunday, May 4, 2014

1 Month Photos & Then Some

Terry came the day after Abram turned one month to take photos. I might've mentioned that in the last post. If I didn't, I meant to ;)

There were so many cute ones, but here are some of my favorites! I have in my head a grouping of 4 frames that I want to hang on one of his walls, so hopefully before he graduates I'll get around to having some pictures printed. Wish me luck!

Terry bought him this adorable little hat with an uber long tail, and he latched onto that thing and held on for dear life...which I thought was the cutest thing ever.

This photo shoot he was much more cooperative than the last. He was awake for a few minutes, long enough to capture some pictures of his baby blues and then went to sleep.

I love this photo with his name spelled out!

This picture is funny to me. Not the picture, but the story behind the crate. When we first moved to Cincinnati and Kyler's parents came to visit in the fall, we took them sight-seeing and one of our stops was at an orchard. There were a bunch of old apple crates sitting by the barn, and Terry asked the owners if they would be willing to sell them. That man looked at us like we were crazy, but he gave us permission to pick some out of the pile that were no longer useful to him. Ta da! Baby photo props for $3.

This weekend, Abram got to meet one of my good friends, Claire, my roommate from college. She made the 3.5 hour trip from Ft. Wayne to hang out with us this weekend, and I think they became fast friends.

That boy loves looking at ceiling fans, so he wasn't very happy when Claire blocked his view when we were trying to get a picture of us.

There. That's better. He's got his ceiling fan in view now! We loved having Claire visit for the day. We went out to a local restaurant, almost fell asleep on the couch watching the Hunger Games, went for a walk, and had a nice dinner before she had to head out.

Here are a couple other photos from the week.

Usually when Kyler gets home from work, I'm nursing the baby. He'll bring the computer in and sit with us until we're done. Then I hand off the babe to Daddy who is anxiously awaiting to hold him. This time, Daddy put the boy to work.

We're trying to establish a nighttime routine. I can handle a chaotic daytime until he gets a little older and more predictable. My main focus is putting him to bed and getting him to sleep as much as possible through the night (which is going great! (knock on wood)). So every night, Kyler feeds him a bottle, changes him, swaddles him, rocks him, and sticks him in bed (or as Kyler says, he puts the baby up). Usually he falls right to sleep or just needs a little shushing and then he's good for another 3-4 hours. Kyler loves being able to spend time with Abram, and I definitely enjoy having a little break. It's a win-win.

Well, my baby's asleep so I should probably go fold some towels. Or take a nap. Have a great week!!

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  1. I vote for taking a nap!!! I love the computer photo...ha, ha! Little Kyler! And I could tell tall Kyler took the photos of you and Claire...a different perspective! Photography classes tell you to always look a little down on your subjects for the most flattering perspective...guess Kyler should be a photographer! :) Give Abram hugs and kisses from Gramaw Terry!