Wednesday, September 29, 2010

1 Birthday. 2 Injuries. 3 Stiches.

First things first.
Happy 24th Birthday Big Brother!
Kyle and Mom
(Picture courtesy of Terry from his wedding last May).
Second things second.

It's been a while since I've roped Kyler into doing something he didn't necessarily want to do. In fact, I think the last time I did it  was our freshman year of college. I talked Kyler into going ice skating with me and five girls. I was so happy when he finally caved and came with us. Unfortunately, he ended up falling and busting his MRSA infected elbow.

Since then, I've tried not to rope him into things...except I really NEEDED him Tuesday night. My co-ed flag football team had a game, and we were short a few players. Kyler had said he was going to play basketball at 6:00, and I suggested that since my football game was at 6:00 that he come play with us instead. He agreed. I got giddy. I was going to see my man in action and get to play along his side. I was super stoked.

Kyler and our friend John basically dominated most of the game. If it's any consolation, we won 50-6. But I think the real highlight/lowlight (for me and Kyler anyway) came about 10 minutes to go in the game.

As an opponent was getting ready to run into the endzone, Kyler caught up with him and tried to strip the ball. As he did, the guy lost his balance and shot his legs up into the air, right into Kyler's face. I saw Kyler immediately grab his cheek and all I could think was that he lost his teeth. So, of course, my first question to him was if, in fact, he still had his teeth. I didn't want a toothless groom.

Kyler took off running to the bathroom to spit out blood. I continued playing football. We won. I went to find Kyler. As it turns out, if anyone sustains a head injury during a game, the ambulance has to be called. Lovely. We had things to do, and one of them was not to wait on an ambulance--just to deny treatment.

Kyler's pre-treatment wound.

So I filled out a witness form for the police guy (after he figured out we were making light of the situation, he started making jokes which made our time waiting more enjoyable).

Filling out the witness report
Then the ambulance finally got there, and as the driver stepped out I screamed. The EMT on call was none other than Kamaron's groomsman, Jeff.

Jeff and Kyler
Kyler and Jeff filled out paper work. Kyler denied treatment and a ride in the ambulance, but Jeff said he needed stitches. So we had to head to prompt care, but first, he stopped by his house so I could pick up a tax book. He knew we were going to be there a while and wanted me to still be able to do my homework.
He's so kind like that.

Kyler is very insensitive to pain. To him, it's just a hassle he'd rather not deal with. Seriously, I think he was more aggrivated that he had to take time to go get stitches than being injured. His immediate thoughts were hilarious, and I'm so glad I thought to make note of them as we were heading to prompt care.

"Dang it Kara! I have interviews next week, and they're going to think I was in a bar fight."

"If I breathe, will air come through this hole in my chin?"

"What if I could just put a straw through it and drink that way?"

 "I've never just seen a chunk of skin come out like that."

"Good news is, I've been there [prompt care] before so I won't have to fill out all that paper work."

"I hope it leaves a cool scar. You'll still like me with a scar right?"

"The embarrassing thing is, this happened playing CO-ED, FLAG football. A little less manly don't you think?"

"This is why it's a good idea for people to play high school sports. You learn how to handle getting hurt. Some people would freak out, but I knew there were protocols to follow and knew that I would survive."

Anyway. We got him all stitched up. And quite honestly he looked worse after that. I don't know what that nurse did to him, but she had blood smeared all across his chin. Below are the post-op pictures. I must warn you, they're a little gross. If you have a weak stomach, you've been warned.

All stiched up.

Three stitches total.
He has to keep those in for five days, and then he should be healed. But don't think for one second that three stitches will keep Kyler away from football. Our teammate John asked him if he could make it to next Tuesday's game, and Kyler said he'd try to make it. And then (don't tell his mama), but he told a guy on his all-boys team that he'd probably still be able to play Thursday night. Only offense of course.
And because I can't let Kyler get all the attention, I need to share with you my own injury. Unfortunately, I don't have some heroic tale to tell. I just ran into the coffee table, but man it hurts.

It's worse in person, I swear.
But back to the point of the post. I think I've learned my lesson when it comes to coercing Kyler into doing something he doesn't want to do. I guess I'll have to learn to accept "no" as an answer...

until the next time I really NEED him.


  1. Glad you were there to take care of him, Kara! Who knew CO-ED FLAG FOOTBALL could be so dangerous? Maybe he needs to wear a helmet next time! Is he still able to eat and talk (two of life's basic needs...)??? Love you both, crazy college kids!!!

  2. You definitely captured the essence of the tale. I would think that you would need stitches based on your reaction to your leg...

  3. couldn't stop laughing. kara, you seriously could be a writer for a magazine!

    not fun, kyler! i'm sure your interviewers won't think you're a frat chump who got into a brawl.

  4. You definitely captured the story in words and pictures. JUST tell me you didn't laugh :) Take care of your leg injurey! Love, Mom

  5. After all that, all I can say is: Happy Birthday, Kyle!