Sunday, September 26, 2010

My New Job

For the past three years of my college career, I have worked at Wright Food Court. It was somewhat of a family tradition considering that my mother worked here back in 1975 (please, please check out the photos for a refresher) and Kristoffer, Emily, and Kamaron all worked here as well. In fact, Kristoffer/Dana and Emily/Zach's love life flourished in this romantic atmosphere. Yes, even Anique has a WFC stint under her belt. But Kara (being decidedly different in typical fashion) has been Eigenmann Eatery fiend.

This job, despite all of the complaints, was actually pretty ideal considering that the hours worked completely around my schedule and my workplace was literally just down the hall from my room. The people I worked with there became some of my closest college friends over those three years. However, upon realizing that I had the opportunity to get a different job this year while in graduate school, I had to leave the food court and move on to something new.
So, this year I am working as a Graduate Assistant in the Business Communications department. My main job is to be a grader for a junior/senior level communications class, where I maintain the online gradebook for several class sections.
New Business Communications Department
My other major responsibility is to be an office assistant/receptionist for the department. Basically, I sit at the front desk, answer the telephone, and direct students to their professors' rooms in the building. I am just now getting used to where everyone is, and since it is a new building, there still aren't room numbers on any doors which makes explaining where people are a little more difficult.
My Receptionist Desk
The job is pretty ideal, because when I am not answering people's questions, I am doing my homework and studying for my classes. Pretty convenient! Oh, and they are helping to pay for some of my tuition, which is a HUGE bonus.
Awesome Wooden Staircase
Funny side note: The week after giving a big presentation in one of my classes, I pulled up the recording that was posted online so I could self-critique how I did. However, I forgot where I was and was soon receiving the collective criticism of 5 business communications faculty members on little things I could improve on. They all had good things to say, but I definitely won't be pulling that one again!


  1. So glad (?) you included the link to the 35-year-old photos... Quite the family legacy, but now you've moved onto bigger and better things. Oh, and I like the new fall-ish template on your website...very nice! Love you!!!

  2. Sounds like a great job on campus. You are now one of the GAs that all undergrads either love or hate! :-)

  3. I remember a few of my GAs over the course of my college career. Although many of them had such foreign names I couldn't really pronounce them.