Sunday, May 22, 2011

Digital JPEG Du Jour - Fisk Memorial United Methodist Church

When i came to Natick, I knew that I needed to find a place to go to church every week. I had heard from one of my classmates that he had encountered an "interesting" (in a bad way) service near Boston, so I was a little leary. I decided to go with either a Baptist or Methodist church because I trusted their belief systems. I searched online and found Fisk Memorial United Methodist Church. After inviting everyone to join me, Blain wanted to come also, so we went to church together the first Sunday. I really liked it there and went back two other times. The other Sunday, I went to an evening service at another church (at which there were only six other people - one of whom was the preacher). But that's a story for another time. Okay...the JPEGs.
Kara Knows I Am Morally Opposed to Steeple-less Churches....
This Qualifies as a Steeple in My Book

This church has about 60-70 people who attend weekly, but the sanctury can seat well over 250. After only a few weeks, I knew the preacher pretty well. On my last Sunday, he greeted me and I told him it was the last Sunday here. Then, during the announcement time he said "this is the last week for our friends from Indiana" and passed me the mic to say something. Haha. He did this the first week we were there, and we had to say our names. Needless to say, it was uncomfortable the first time. I somewhat expected it the last week, so I was a little better prepared. I told everyone how great it was that we could go anywhere in the country, meet God-fearing people and worship with him. I may never see any of those people again, but for a few weeks they were my Church family.


  1. very cool. even as a person who has attended church your whole life, it's never less intimidating to enter a church service at a new church.

  2. So pretty! Glad you were able to find a church while you were gone. I like the sound of this one a lot better than the other ;) See you soon!

  3. I never knew you were morally opposed to steepleless churches...hmmm... But I agree that a church needs a steeple. So proud of you for finding a temporary church home! Now it's time for you to come HOME!!! Love you and can't wait to see you very soon!