Monday, May 23, 2011

DJDJ - My Apartment

I just realized that I haven't even posted about where I am living/what in the world I am doing up here. Pretty much all of my posts have been about Saturday adventures, so I am trying to spend at least a few days of this week explaining the other days of the week....

We were put up in some fully-furnished apartments that are literally less than 1/2 mile from work, so we are able to walk to work every day.

Danny and I Live on the Fourth Floor
Every Sunday Night is Steak Night!

Dining/Living Room...Danny in His Usual Position on Facebook, Listening to Womanly Music

Pretty Nice Furniture

Closet....No Reason I Put This In There Except for Kara to See...Look at That Tidiness

Comfortable Beds. Yes....The Blue Pillow Survives

Bathrooms are Nice Too


  1. But you should probably work on putting the toilet seat down! Looks very nice!

  2. Wow...that is a very nice place! That blue pillow must be burned when you get married!!! Sorry Kara...I've been fighting for years to get my boys to put down the toilet seat...good luck on that one. Love you!

  3. your roommates legs look sooooo good in those sweatpants. i bet he'd look really good in a kris humphries jersey too. you know that guy that's marrying kim kardashian.