Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Digital JPEG Du Jour - Samuel Adams

Unfortunately, I cannot make this into a series of DJDJ's, since I do not really have enough content to cover a few days. So one post will have to do. And we all know how concerned I am about the highest-quality. I mean, I am marrying Kara, so only top-of-the line, A-One will do. (Can you get bonus points before you get married, or do you keep track of the score later?....The only time I didn't keep score was Pee-Wee, and that just didn't feel right. I mean this is America.)

We travelled to Samuel Adams brewery, which is just south of Boston. While it was not a full-fledged production facility, it was still fully functional and serves as the R&D headquarters for the company. Hard to believe that R&D engineers have a full-time job at a brewery, but I am sure there is a lot of stuff to do like finding new flavor combinations and tastes.
Different Years, Different Beers
I was surprised to discover that Sam Adams was actually started in 1984. (Kind of makes it anticlimactic, right?) Of course, I am no alcohol expert, but I learned a lot touring the facility and we had the opportunity to get free samples at the end.
These "Mash Kettles" Are Where It All Begins
Nick's Entrance to My Blog - Flattering, Eh?


  1. Yeah...1984 is anticlimactic. Still looks like a great place to tour around. You've seen all the sites!

  2. Uh oh. Danny will be jealous that Nick's made his debut. And no, the brownie points don't count yet.

  3. I think you need to STOCK UP on brownie can never have only takes one small incident to wipe out the whole kit-and-kaboodle!

  4. Did you really just compare Kara to a steak sauce...A1?

    Apparently, A1 is also the name of an English/Norwegian boyband. They're pretty legit (, so if that's what you were referring to, then brownie points for sure.

  5. this nick guy seems alright, but we need more pics of your cute roommate.