Thursday, May 12, 2011

DJDJ - Plymouth Rock

Last weekend, we made a road trip out to Plymouth after our Samuel Adams tour. The group was pretty excited to see what the town had to offer for tourists, and again our trip exceeded expectations. Of course, the pinnacle of the trip was visiting Plymouth Rock.
Here is the Imposing Temple-Like Structure Housing the Rock
Although the entire trip was awesome, I was a little disappointed in the rock itself. I don't know exactly what I expected, considering it is a rock and all, but it turned out to just be a rock. Oh, and apparently it has been broken and chipped several times, as only 1/3 of the original rock is still together. And, the rock had 1620 inscribed on it, and not in a divine/weird way. Literally, someone just etched 1620. But, I saw Plymouth Rock and walked away with proof.

The First Reference to Plymouth Rock was 121 Years After Arrival, When a Church Elder (94 years old) Declared
His Father Told Him It Was Where Settlers Had First Set Foot (Truth or Senility?)

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