Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DJDJ - Diamond Hill, Rhode Island

That's right...Rhode Island, affectionately known as the Ocean State (for lack of a better, more worthwhile claim). This past Saturday, all of my classmates were headed either to see friends or to a Red Sox game, leaving me by myself for the afternoon. So, I decided to head out to northern Rhode Island to a park called Diamond Hill. I think the "Diamond" is really quartz, and there are a ton of large stones at the top of the green hill. I hiked up the hill in about 20-30 minutes. The view would have been amazing, but for the most part trees were blocking all lines of sight. I did manage to get a few decent shots, though.

Pretty Awesome Green Sight

I Saw a Lot of Branches Hiding the View
Oh, and even though the sight was cool to see, the mosquitoes were AWFUL. The park was right next to a swampish lake, which was teeming with bugs. I was wearing just a t-shirt and shorts, and let's just say I was a popular target. After a few minutes on the pinnacle, I had experienced enough, and jogged down the hill, swatting the whole time. I thought the park trip would eat up the afternoon, but I was back down to my car in less than 45 minutes, wondering what to do next.....

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  1. Bet it's absolutely gorgeous in the fall...