Monday, May 7, 2012

Grass Grooming

After a full day of unpacking and cleaning the inside of the house on Saturday, Kyler spent most of Sunday afternoon working outside trying to tame mow the yard. We weren't exactly sure where our property line was, but the previous homeowner who lives next to us happened to be working outside as well and pointed out our portion. And, woah! We have a lot more mowable land than we realized!

As you can see, we definitely need to mow. I hate it when the grass is high enough to tickle my ankles. But one walk through this yard, and the grass was tickling my knees!

Here you can kind of see how far away our property line is. I circled Kyler because you couldn't really see him, and this view is from our front door. I also plan on submitting this photo to the Bigfoot show on the Discovery Channel...

We had no idea we owned all that land and all those trees. So what we thought was going to be an afternoon task soon turned into an all day event with some activities left over for tomorrow. Lots of branches to pick up!

And apparently lots of poison ivy too. Kyler wrangled with a few of the bushes crawling up the tree like in the photo above, but a lot of it was intertwined with poison, so that will wait for another day. Definitely a Kyler job though. I'm going to have to shower off after just saying the words or I'll have it.

After a little grooming, half of our property looks much more presentable! Oh! And I swept the no pictures :) It was quite the task hehe.


  1. Looks very nice! That shirt Kyler's wearing has mowed many a yard over the years...

  2. Your property is so beautiful! Man...that is a lot of yard for a push mower, props to Kyler! :)