Friday, May 4, 2012

Tying up loose ends

Before we moved to Ohio, we had some loose ends to tie up in Indiana. So on one of my Fridays off (I've been taking lots of Fridays off in order to use up my vacation before it runs out), we went home to transfer Kyler's car title from his parents' names to our names. What a wonderful gift! And now we have the joys of plating it and insuring it. Ahh, life is great!

We found this picture of when Kyler first got his car back when he was seventeen. We were dating at the time, and I thought he was hot stuff in his new car!

And here he is again on the day his parents gave the car to us...

Aww, isn't he cute? And Kyler too. I liked him so I put a ring on it.

My roommate in college, her parents both had Cobalts. And her mom always said, Cobi 1 and Cobi 2. One is black and one is blue. Well, for a while I called Kyler's Cobalt Cobi. And somehow it's earned the nickname Obi 1 Kenobi.

So thanks for Obi 1 Kim and Terry! It's been good to us so far, and hopefully will continue to be for much much longer.

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