Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Prioritizing Purchases

After making an offer on the house, Kyler and I immediately began brainstorming certain purchases and then putting them on a priority list. Couch. Refrigerator. Washer & Dryer. New countertops. Curtains. There were some compromises and some surprises.

One of the most surprising to me, which I guess in hindsight shouldn't have been a shocker, was Kyler's insistance on buying lawn chairs. I mentioned before that we wernt lawn chair shopping three times. And each time the purchase got bigger. We went from the folding chairs that you'd take to a baseball game to an all-out patio furniture set, umbrella included.

But we came to agreement on adirondack chairs. Not quite folding chairs, definitely not deck furniture.

And we impulsively bought them the day we drove back from Kyler's graduation with 6 days' worth of clothes and necessities in the car because we weren't sure when we'd move in.

It was a tight squeeze. I had to sit in the back seat, and he had his seat all the way back so that the seat tops could lay across his lap. He was definitely pimpin. Also, we used our pillows and tax return to pad the car from chair scuffing. Classy!

I just hoped we didn't get pulled over.

But we made it safely home. And had the fun task of unloading.

They might've been a hassle to get home, but Kyler's definitely logged a few hours in them already.

We got a little table to match as well. And we did buy two chairs. I'd pulled one of them in our bedroom to stand on while unsuccessfully hanging curtains.

After all that trouble, I'll just sit right here and enjoy the view.

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