Friday, May 11, 2012

Staying in Hotels

Last week, Kyler and I had to spend the night in a hotel. The movers came and loaded up all our stuff from Columbus on Wednesday but it wasn't being delivered until Thursday. Hence, the hotel stay. And I was just thinking how different staying in a hotel as an adult differs from when you were a child.

Also, the pictures are just for fun.

For instance...

1. As a child, the minute you walked in the door, you immediately needed to fill up the ice bucket. It didn't matter who was going to use it or if there was an immediate need for the ice. The bucket just had to be filled. And a couple hours later when the ice had turned to water, because alas there hadn't been a need, you needed to empty the water out and refill the bucket with ice.

I'd actually forgotten about the ice bucket until right before bed when I realized it was taking up valuable counter space in the bathroom. I'm pretty sure I don't need an ice bucket or ice in my room anymore. Just one of those necessities that goes away when you get older I suppose...

2. Regardless of the floor you were staying on, the other floors were probably completely different than yours and you needed to check them out for yourself. And your parents probably didn't believe you that all floors were different and weren't too keen on taking you to the different floors. If this happened to be a stay when your parents wouldn't accompany you or allow you to roam the hotel alone and you didn't get to see the rest of the floors, the entire hotel experience was just short-changed.

During our recent stay, once I got into our room, I didn't want to leave. I just wanted to sit and relax and do anything besides leave the room. I even bargained with Kyler to delay supper a half hour, simply because I didn't want to leave the room.

3. When your family of five stayed in a room with two beds and your brother got to sleep on the floor or on the fold out couch, you were immediately jealous. I mean, why should you be the one to sleep in the bed?

Having slept on an air mattress during our first night at the new house and having gotten a few hours of sleep, I don't see why anyone would argue to sleep anywhere besides the bed. Dang it, don't put me on the floor, don't put me on a couch or an air mattress. I need to sleep in a bed.

4. The phone. You needed to dial it. You needed to call time and temperature to find out the time and temperature. And again in twenty minutes in case anything changed. And then you probably needed to dial a random room to see if anyone picked up or call the front desk. Oh, and then you probably needed to call time and temperature again. There's never such a thing as being too prepared.

Now, those phones gross me out. I mean, how often do you think they get wiped down? And also, who uses those? Doesn't everyone have a cell phone now? And time and temperature on their phones :)

5. The pens and paper pads. I'm pretty sure you needed to draw on every.single.sheet of paper laying on that desk. And if you didn't, you probably needed to take it with you upon departure to draw on in the car. Pens and paper were so scarce back then, you had to snatch them from the hotels. What?

We were recently listening to a comedian and he brought up a good point...what's with the stationery in hotels? Upon arrival, do you immediately sit down at the desk and start penning a novel?

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  1. Funny, Kara! But so true... Oh, and I LOVE the coordinating photos too... :)